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Refill Le Classiche

Refill Le Classiche

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Erbolinea offers an increasingly rich bouquet of home fragrance refills with sticks, from sweeter scents to citrus, fresh, spicy, floral and gourmet. Suitable to create a delicious and welcoming atmosphere.

All of our refills come with spare bamboo sticks. We recommend purchasing based on the perfumer to be refilled; For example, if you have a 250ml bottle, we recommend purchasing the corresponding refill in the same format, as the quantity and size of the sticks correspond to each perfumer's format. If you wish to purchase a refill that is larger than the bottle being refilled, it is imperative that you also purchase the replacement sticks in the color and size appropriate for the bottle you own. Perfume your home and create a unique atmosphere with Erbolinea home fragrance refills. Discover all the fragrances in the shop.

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