About us

We are a company based in Switzerland. Our many years of experience with room fragrances and decorations for the interior distinguish us as a top provider in the industry.

Our small team is passionate about promoting and delivering high quality and exclusive products. We see our customers as partners who help us to better understand which needs can be met. In this way we set the course for sustainable growth.

Our products are selected with care and respect for the environment. All products are natural and are produced and marketed sustainably. In this way we support and protect the environment.

We look forward to serving you as a customer.

Your TerraRossa team

How are our products made?

Our Erbolinea branded items are made in the province of Foggia, in southern Italy. Erbolinea supplies us with the unique and fresh fragrances.

Erbolinea produces all fragrances in its own laboratory. The scents are natural and correspond to the regional soil yields such as pomegranate, grapes, tangerine, fragrant earth, lemon and much more.

Nachhaltige Lieferung

How sustainable are we?

It is extremely important to us to maintain and serve the relationship between the environment and people. Man and nature are dependent on each other. That's why we live and are here.

For this reason and out of gratitude to the environment, we do everything we can to pack and deliver ecologically. That is our concern.

We strive for a service free of environmentally harmful emissions.

Do you have a request for us?

Did you notice something that we can improve or do you have an idea that we can take into account to make your experience with us even more magical?

We look forward to hearing from you! Please write to us using our contact form.

Unser Team

  • Pasquale Di Leo

    Managing Director

  • Teresa Di Leo

    Founder & fragrance expert

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