Mit dem richtigen Duft durch die Saison - TerraRossa

With the right scent through the season...

Everyone wishes to really live the seasonal feeling. The different colors, emotions, needs that each season brings with it... The desire for warmth, security and happiness.

Every one of us certainly knows the desire to really enjoy the next season. Perhaps you are already making plans about how you want to enjoy the winter and what needs to be done. Or are you only available for 1 season? No matter what type we are: every season offers very special opportunities to live the year with joy, despite the stress.

Scents make a big difference in how we feel right now. Scents create emotions. When I was on vacation in southern Italy in the summer of 2018, I could not have imagined that I would one day find out what meaning a certain scent can have for me.

One evening, in the Valle D'Itria, which is cooler at night - or rather in Cisternino (BR) - I rediscovered the value of fragrances. In these narrow streets of the small, picturesque town, when we were looking for a good restaurant, we suddenly became aware of a scent. It smelled like fine strawberry wine. The smell attracted so many people that it was easy to find the source. An old limping souvenir dealer offered us to enter his boutique. But I was only interested in this scent, which just grabbed me. That was a real summer feeling that I will never forget! It just enchanted me the moment...

Room fragrances can do so much in us humans! I really wanted to pass that on.

And so my family founded TerraRossa. TerraRossa means 'Red Earth'. In the Valle d'Itria, the thousands of years old olive trees wait on red, clayey soil, which they allow to thrive every year.

The 'red soil' is also the soil of my ancestors, who emigrated to Switzerland in the 1950s because of severe poverty.

And thanks to Erbolinea, we package the fine scent of the fruity Apulian yields in the unique room fragrances. So everyone can enjoy a small part of this wonderful region!
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